With the launch of the ATN Solar Team, RMIT University has established a Solar Car Studio to focus on the university’s task of developing the interior, overall structure and components of the solar car.

Senior RMIT Design lecturers Simon Curlis and Arthur Gerogalas will be guiding the students through the solar car studio.

The studio provides the opportunity for 2nd and 3rd year Industrial Design Students to participate in the solar challenge, as well as engage with colleagues from other universities under the ATN.

Students have been split into selective groups to work on different parts of the interior, overall structure of the car and the integrated components that will be found in the solar car. These parts include the dashboard, chairs, stereo, fluid management etc.

Furthermore, some students have been fortunate enough to work on the business side of the solar car team through the designing and marketing of apparel, as well as website and content design.

Students from RMIT have had multiple chances to present the development of their role in the team, with lectures and various industry collaborators, in which provides feedback and strong encouragement for their work going forward.

All work from RMIT Solar Car Studio will be presented at the end of the semester exhibition in a full scale 1:1 prototype.

Those students fully engaged in the solar car studio will continue to develop the car into the latter parts of 2018 and push to be apart of the ATN Solar Team in the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Car Challenge.