With the launch of ATN Solar Team, RMIT took the opportunity to showcase the car off at the Australian Grand Prix.

Lead designer of the exterior of the Solar Car Matthew Millar was in attendance as well as RMIT Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean and Executive Director of ATN, Renee March.

Mr Bean was ecstatic on how the showcase of the solar car had gone,

“We continue to strengthen our relationship with the Australian Grand Prix by this excellent solar car showcase from the ATN.”

“The car is magnificent. Just another example of the cutting innovation and enterprise that is practised throughout RMIT and across the ATN.”

“We are very excited about the next 18 months in preparation for the 2019 World Solar Car Challenge.

With plenty of racegoers coming through over the 4-day event, fans were left impressed by the design of the car and eager to follow the development of the car leading into the Solar Car event in 2019.

Fans were given the opportunity to look at the car through VR technology.

Additionally, it was another opportunity to showcase the innovative practices that are being followed at RMIT University, who is one of the global leaders for the technology design, and enterprise.